SLH Prophetic Coaching LLC


Welcome to SLH Prophetic Coaching LLC


Our Mission

To prophetically impact negative mindsets & patterns of behavior for people to heal, be delivered and be set free!

Our Practice Method & Approach

  • We utilize the Word of God, Prayer & Fasting to obtain direct messages from God for you and/or groups.
  • We offer a safe space to share your truth without judgment or shame.
  • We use holistic health practices and cognitive behavior techniques to include: cognitive restructuring or reframing, guided discovery, unraveling cognitive distortions, journaling and thought records, relaxation and stress reduction techniques, role playing, ABC functional analysis and worksheets.
  • We help identify specific patterns of behavior to incorporate healing and improve effective communication.
  • We identify negative thinking and reshape it to develop a positive mindset.

Our Team


Prophetess Sherress L. Hicks, MS, QMHP


Sherress was ordained as a prophet in April 2016 by Apostle Margaret Ely.  She is a highly sought after prophet, coach, speaker and author.  She founded SLH Prophetic Coaching LLC in 2012 originally to build strategic thinkers and communicators.  Sherress recently revamped her coaching firm to fit in alignment with God's word.  

An alum of Norfolk State University, Sherress graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology.  She also possesses a Master of Science in Management from Eastern University.  Having over 20 years experience counseling children, adults and families in mental & behavioral health, her rate of success has been great.   Sherress also has 10yrs experience in public health addressing health care disparities in chronic health conditions among African  Americans and is a Certified Health Care Manager and Certified Holistic Fertility Doula.   Prophetess Sherress is also pursuing a certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

The quality of services you will receive is incomparable and an experience of God like no other.